last thursday we went back out to watch more of the sailing regatta.  first, though, we sailed around a little.

this house is on our side of the lake, and it’s one of my favorites – i love the yard filled with hostas.  the interior designer jim wilson owns it.  i guess it’s not so easy to see the fabulous hostas; next time i’ll have to get closer.

such funny little goslings, flapping their wings and waddling up the hill.

there are so many herons on the lake, and they always look so cool and elegant.  their SQUAWK is another thing entirely.

both kevin and mollie posed nicely.

this is a great big house on the other side of the lake, with a wonderful weeping willow.

here are some race officials, with those big orange race things in their boat.

yet another heron.

mary and jim patton live across the lake from us, and we saw them also watching the race.  their lovely new pontoon goes really fast.

when we got back home, winnie came trotting down to greet us.

since the boat was docked and the motor off, winnie decided to climb aboard for a few brief minutes.  he likes the idea of the boat, but not when the motor is running.