it is 34 degrees and raining pretty hard.  by 11 o’clock it’s going to turn to snow.  so i figure somewhere in the next half hour it’s going to be freezing rain and not pleasant at all to be outside.  and then in the middle of the night the temperature is going to continue to plummet, down in the teens, with a wind chill of minus one.


not a good day to go outside tomorrow.

tonight jim said “it’s WINTER, this is what happens in winter.  we’re all acting like this is a surprise.”

i guess i always hope that somehow this year will be different, the cold and snow and ice will somehow magically pass us by.

apparently not this year.

and it’s almost 2009, have you thought about that at all? i haven’t.  i need to buy a new calendar.

not tomorrow.

tomorrow, we all stay inside.

ok then,

sunday night grace, tired of reading about blagojevich but the news on SNL last night about him was quite funny.