they said on the tv that we had 17 inches, in some place 18 – but i know we don’t have 17 inches of snow.  we do have a whole lot, though.  kevin went out before i got up this morning, plowing the driveway.

but wait a minute here, let me show you this, from the walk mollie and i took on saturday in washington park.

a flower!  of course now it’s buried in a huge mountain of snow.  poor little thing.

instead of a serious walk, it was more like walk a few steps, and then stop and sniff a lot.  mollie thoroughly enjoyed herself, of course.

here she is later, CUTEST PICTURE EVER!

lester and chester rarely sleep in the chair together, so when they did i whipped out the camera.

les relaxes on top of kevin last night; kevin had spent most of the day in the basement and les had had enough – he came down, jumped up on his table, and proceeded to demand attention.  luckily, the made kevin come back up to the main part of the house again.

mollie HATES all the attention that the kitties get.

here’s the plastic palm tree last night.

and here it is this morning, with even more snow.

one little very happy bird out on the deck.

our poor bradford pear tree lost yet another branch.  i love that tree, and it’s very old and keeps losing branches.  when i got up this morning i went out and got a huge long piece of wood from the garage to knock snow off another tree whose branches were sagging horribly.

finally, photos of kevin hard at work.

this is a little metal dog feeder that looks like a dog.

chester ran outside and slunk around to the outside garages, and you can just barely see him there under the car.  at one point he was out in the driveway, where he loves to roll around…and he started rolling around!  crazy kitty; of course he got totally soaked.

kevin tried to lure him out of the garage, but he’d have none of it.

after he finally came back in, of course he was totally exhausted.

here are a couple of hanging baskets, with such a huge heap of snow.

we haven’t filled these two bird feeder houses at all this winter, because then the birds are too close to the fenced yard and it’s easier for les to catch and kill them.  but now they’re just piled with snow.

i thought it was funny that this one brave solar sunflower light is somehow free of snow.  i bet it’ll light up tonight, which will be cheerful.

i have to go visit my dad now, and i’m really really really really not looking forward to going outside.

ok then,

mrs. snowy monday hughes.