sorry, no pictures of the CUTE CUTE CUTE baby raccoons…

yesterday morning when kevin got up, he went out onto the screened porch and realized we had forgotten to close the glass door; only the screen door was closed.

only it wasn’t because the raccoons had opened it right up.  the floor lamp was leaning at a rakish angle; did the raccoons climb it, thinking that my fabulous grape lights were real grapes?  there were no teeth marks on them.  i think they were just trying to see out.

kevin had moved the seed garbage can into the porch, and the lid was off, but no baby raccoons in sight.  a few things were on the floor, but nothing was broken; no torn stuffing in the chairs, no broken glass.

the baby raccoons probably just had a lovely nighttime snack.

last night we remembered to close the glass door.

this morning the screen door is lying on the deck.  those baby raccoons were PISSED.  how were they supposed to eat, if we shut the glass door?

here is darling little les paul.  sometimes he sits in a very funny way.

that is all for now.

ok then,

mrs. wednesday morning hughes.