well, here’s the great photo of lester and chester, as chester patiently waits for les to finish his meal so he can swoop in and devour the remains.  poor little kitty.

winnie, sleeping on a “mutts” pillow.

here’s mom’s living room facing the lake, with the darling little Hobbs kitty.

here’s a panorama of the entire room.  it’s a lovely place.

i’m not sure why i took a picture of this ornament, but it’s one of my favorites. i got it at Macy’s in NYC when kevin and i went there on our first thanksgiving.  i’ve tried to find more of them, but so far no luck.  it’s not like i need more ornaments anyway, but it’s just so goofy and cheerful.

ta da!  i guess i haven’t taken any pictures of the newly-converted hot tub room?  it’s now chock-full of flowers, many of which are blooming.


kevin bought a truck!  the funny thing is, just today as i was coming home, a guy passed me coming in the other direction, and he waved and i thought, “hmm, i wonder who that cute guy in that truck is?”  and then realized it was kevin!  i’d never encountered him on the road in his new truck before.

of course the dining table was covered with many xmas things, but les found a tiny spot to squeeze onto.

and he continues to love perching on top of the fridge.  last night when he was up there i tried to coerce him down, but he only meowed at me and walked to the very back of the fridge.  ok then!

i like this picture, but i could have sharpened it up a bit more – his paw is resting on last year’s calendar, including a photo of les and chester from last december.

whew.  today i realized that i’m not really all well from being sick and many other people have also been sick and i keep hearing stories about how very long it takes to recover.  it annoys me greatly; it’s a warm and sunny day, great for running, but i just sit here in the couch, no energy at all.

but at least i’m fortunate to be able to just sit around til getting better.

ok then,

mrs. january will soon be over hughes.