I was reading my last entry and it seems so long ago, but only three days have passed. Whew. Here’s poor Spot at the vet on Monday morning. When he’d been to the vet before for minor injuries, he’d been very happy to just be inside and was a very cheerful and outgoing fellow.

Monday was a whole different story. He was in so much pain and so miserable that they had to swaddle him in a towel to keep him from biting and scratching. I thought it calmed him and made him feel better but Kevin felt like the poor guy seemed even worse and more vulnerable.

We saw a different vet on Monday and she was awesome. She said they’d keep him there to give him fluids and run tests. We picked him up later in the day and the vet told us that she’d like to do surgery on his neck wound but his white blood count and platelets were so low that she couldn’t do it then. She gave him a strong pain reliever and we took him home with more pain relievers and different and stronger antibiotics. She hopes to do the surgery tomorrow, if he’s strong enough. At least his kidneys and lungs were good.

We’ve been tending to him out in the garage which is filled with many rugs and pillows and blankets. He’s been eating and drinking and is more alert but, oh my, that gaping wound…we anxiously await tomorrow’s surgery.

If he makes it we’re going to turn the attached garage into his forever home, with a comfy chair and sofa and all manner of kitty toys. Lemon Drop, who sleeps by herself in the kitty house outside and seems lonely and needing attention, will hopefully join him. We’re going to trap her, because she’s too nervous to get her into a carrier, and take her to the APL to be cleaned up and given whatever shots she might need. We were going to do that this week but have been focused on Spot.

Poor fella.

Ok then,

Mrs. Hoping for Good News Hughes.