i am bracing myself to go get in my car to go to yoga.  i love yoga.

i have to get the horrible skin graft thing on another tooth this afternoon.  cutting skin from the roof of my mouth and sewing it onto the gum in front of a tooth.  i will take many deep breaths in yoga, to try to calm myself for the grisliness ahead.

meanwhile, here are some photos from march 4th, as the water in the lake was higher.  before, when kevin lowered the ladder, the lake was below the lowest step.

still march 4th, level so much better.

and this is monday, lowering the ladder into the lake again.

so the lake is even higher now.  we could put the boat in the water, if it wasn’t 16 degrees.  well, technically, we could put the boat in the water anyway, but it might be kind of dangerous to have a little fire on the boat to keep warm.

mollie is always right there, ready to eat up the goose poop.

if you compare this picture with the one above, you can see the rise in the water.

we went down to the water on monday because there was lots of foam in the water over by our neighbor’s house.

maybe it was just from all the waves?  but it wasn’t really wavey that day.  i suspsect it might not be something so clean.  at least our lake isn’t filled with dead pigs, like in china.

mollie loves to roam all over our neighbor’s dock, because in the summer he has an automatic fish feeder that spews out pellets, many of which land on the dock.  mollie cleans them up for him.

when we walked back to our dock, a couple of geese were hanging out.

they let me get pretty close.

but then, one of them slid right down into the water.  i wasn’t able to capture the actual sliding; i should have made a little video of it.

and then the other one plopped down into the water.

and then they swam a safe distance away.

it’s always pretty out there, even if it’s cold and gray.

poor little chester, who desperately wanted to join us.  i don’t think he’s even been down to the water, but i know he’d like to chase the geese.

today it’s beautiful and sunny and the water is glistening and glinting all over the place, but i’m not going down there to take a picture because it’s just too cold and i’m pretty sure winter is going to hang around for a long time.  the official temp. right now is 19, but feels like 10.  come on, enough already.

all right then, i hope you day does not include anybody cutting any skin from the roof of your mouth,

mrs. thursday morning hughes.