well, i have been so desperate to finish posting my photos from our trip to wales before a year has passed, that i haven’t posted any of my many many photos i’ve taken during our somewhat eventful summer.

but the reason i was doing such a bangup job of posting every single day is because i had a horrible bout of bronchitis, for about two whole weeks.  basically, i didn’t do anything at all the entire first part of july, not until last saturday.  all i had energy for was reclining on the couch and playing my game, “farm up,” on the computer.  but in between, i gathered my energy to photoshop my photos and edit my videos.

at least i have the shell of drafts of my final posts, and i have til August 1st, which is when we left last year.  it’s so hard to believe it was just a year ago.  plus, it’s hard to believe how much hiking all around we did here in preparation for our hike in wales…it’s been so crazy hot here this summer that it would be completely unbearable.  right now, for example, it’s 95 but feels like 114!!!!  crazy stuff.  

anyway, now, because i suddenly have energy again THANK GOD, i have been neglectful about keeping up with the postings, but luckily i should have free time every single day for the next week or so, in order to complete my postings.

and then…well, for one thing, we’ve finally been able to go out in kevin’s sailboat.  he bought it in 2013, before mollie died, and the sailboat is named “miss mollie,” and he fixed it up and sewed a new sail for it, and then went blind for a while, so we couldn’t go out in it.

we’ve been out at least a handful of times already this summer, and i’m looking forward to going out on the lake in the fall, when it’s cool and lovely.

here, if you take a look at Kevin’s Blog, you can see a couple photos of sailing, plus a couple great photos of the moon last night, which was full and orange and quite a sight.

ok then,

mrs. g. hughes.