this is going to be very fast because i can’t stand the glare of the monitor.  i know there’s a way to turn down the brightness, but i just don’t feel like it.

kevin and i both woke up in the middle of the night on friday night feeling like we were getting colds.  he took two alka seltzer plus cold tablets, went back to sleep, got up in the morning, took two more, slept some more…and got better.  no more cold.  poof, gone.

i took two motrin, went back to sleep, woke up on saturday and felt kind of crummy all day.  not one of the best valentine’s days.

(ok, i turned down the monitor and now it’s not so painful…but it’s also almost impossible to actually see the keys or the monitor).

on saturday i kept thinking, ok, i feel lousy, but i’m sure some VALENTINE CHOCOLATES will make me feel better.

kevin didn’t get me any valentine chocolates because i’ve been more psychotic than usual about MUST NEED TO LOSE SOME WEIGHT.

and for some reason he assumed that this meant i didn’t want a bunch of chocolates.

silly man.

but he meant well.  instead, he bought me a dazzling ruby heart necklace.


i knew, though, that randy would bring over some chocolate.  i waited.  and waited.  and waited.

but randy was having a lot of leg pain on saturday and he called and said he’d stop by later…and it got later…and later…and i knew he was going out to dinner and i finally became resigned to not getting any chocolate on valentine’s day.  i contemplated going over to amy and jim’s house and stealing back the bag of hershey’s kisses i’d given them.

i mean, really, compared to the countless crappy valentine’s days i’ve had, this one wasn’t so bad.  yeah, sick, yeah, NO CHOCOLATE, but i have a wonderful husband who loves me a lot.  even though he doesn’t quite get the whole chocolate thing.

anyway, about ten till seven, randy showed up.  score!  he brought a big box…of nut-filled chocolates.


i ate one, though, and it was nutty but also truffle-like.  i ate a few more, and they weren’t bad.

i mean, they were chocolate, after all.

there are a few left now, the ones i liked the least.  i’m sure they’ll be gone soon.

anyway, i decided i was going to be sick for only one day.  randy said he got a bad cold last week but he gargled with listerine at night and it went away in two days.  that sounded good to me.  plus amy had these giant horrible-smelling horse pills, some kind of herbal natural “wellness” things, and she said when he’s gotten sick she’s taken them every thre hours and poof, she got better fast.

now, since i eat lots of healthy food and i exercise a lot and i’m generally pretty healthy i was SURE that the combination of that plus the gargling plus the horse pills would make me all better in just one day.

wrong.  sicker yesterday.

ok, but maybe today…

no, worse still. achy, fever, cough, plus i can’t really croak out anything at all.

i had to go to the eye doctor this afternoon because it was hard to get an appointment so i dragged myself out of the house and sat there dressed in clothes and decided to pretend i wasn’t sick after all.

this didn’t work whatsoever.  i felt worse, actually.  plus when the eye woman was examining me i had a huge coughing fit, and then she put numbing drops in my eyes which i didn’t care for, and then she dilated my pupils.  and THAT was a big drag.  i can’t remember ever having that done.

because kevin’s a type-1 diabetic, he always has to have his pupils dilated and i’ve gone with him to drive him home because he said his eyes were very sensitive after the dilation.

but he didn’t mention how much it TOTALLY SUCKS.

i asked the woman how long this would last and she said “for the rest of the night.”

great.  perfect.  feeling crappy, really tired which could be from the massive amounts of alka seltzer cold tablets i’ve been taking all day, plus now my eyes feel bad and i’m super-sensitive to light.  they gave me a pair of “temporary sunglasses” to drive home in; they’re these big flimsy plastic lens things; they remind me of green 3-d glasses without the frames.

so now here i sit, but this is all the doing anything on the computer i’m doing tonight.  kevin is making a lovely dinner and then we’ll sit around and watch something dark on TV.

oh, and by the way…today he went out and bought me a sympathy card plus a little box of valentine’s candy.

it was delicious.

ok then,

monday sick-n-crabby grace.