mostly kitties in January

by grace on February 3, 2021

Early in the month as I packed up decorations, Les found this outdoor mat to be the most comfy place to lie down on. A couple of times Riley jumped up and sat on him and then they got into a little tussle, but mostly Lester just enjoyed the scratchy mat.

Another lovely evening down at the water. I haven’t been down to the dock at all yet in February, but then again, it’s only the 3rd. It’s actually expected to get up to 40 today so maybe i’ll stroll down there later. I might go running, too, but we’ll see. The temperature is going to plummet into the below zeros this weekend so I’d better get outside while it’s bearable.

Mutts had these cute stocking caps for sale before Christmas; they came in blue and grey and I wanted a blue one, and was going to order one for Kevin, but they were out of blue so I ordered him a gray one instead. On Christmas we found out that we’d both ordered them for each other, and because the blue ones were back in stock he then ordered me one of those. We were going to send my gray one back but we didn’t so now I have two. Both super cute. You can’t have too many Mutts creations is what I say.

Riley, a very stretchy kitty always struggling to relax.

Hmm, was he sleeping like this, with his head hanging out over the kitty condo? Maybe not.

So, I have this pile of stuff sitting in the room off the living room that we call the music room because we have a piano in there. I walk through many times a day and always wish I’d start going through it.

Monday, I did. I was going to spend a half hour but ended up working for an hour, also putting lots of stuff from the drawers of a cabinet into the recycle and the trash. I got out two cardboard boxes, one for things that could be taken to the Goodwill or sold somehow, and I guess the other one is for stuff to be thrown away but right now it’s still empty and I can’t quite remember what it’s for.

So now there’s a smaller pile on the floor, consisting of some things that I really, really don’t know what to do with, and the two boxes.

I guess progress was made, but also there are now more things on the floor.

But I’m hoping this cleaning rampage will inspire me to keep going with getting actual stuff done. I continue to be overwhelmed because there are so many things all over the house that need to be sorted and dealt with, but at least I started.

I also have a bunch of really old financial stuff that needs to be gone through, and I spent over an hour yesterday going through very very old documents so that’s a pretty big deal.

I’m a little bit fired up about making headway on that this morning, so maybe it’ll happen but I’m not making any promises to myself.

And that’s it for this gray Wednesday morning.

ok then,

Mrs. maybe about to get really inspired to get shit done or maybe not Hughes.

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