i feel like i haven’t written anything about him for so long even though it’s only been a few days i guess. i just found a few photos from 2006, when we still lived in westchester.

here’s Winnie eyeing a squirrel way up high.

August 15, 2006

That comfy chair…

Aug. 28, 2006

so many animals spent so many happy times in those two white chairs. one of the chairs is in the bedroom right now, and riley is trying to take all the stuffing out of the other one out on the screened porch.

shortly thereafter

This seems to be the only photo of Winnie that i can find from 2008; i know that’s the year we moved here. I’m fairly confident he’s lying in Mollie’s bed here at this house? pretty sure.

October 23, 2008

so many cats have enjoyed the kitty round a round, but since winnie and honey’s front claws were removed they never actually scratched on it. but they did love to chase the ball around. Winnie did it a couple times in the last few months; i’d hear a sound next to the couch and there he was, happily playing.

April 2009

i’ve been feeling a little panicky tonight because i couldn’t find so many photos of him, but i guess i really do have quite a few. i don’t remember where in the yard he was in this picture, but he’s having a very nice time.

July 9, 2009

it’s funny, winnie didn’t lie in this pose so much when he got older; it’s something les does all the time.

August 21st, 2009

Down at the dock again. not only are we super lucky to live here, but all the animals who’ve lived here are lucky, too. I never had to worry about Winnie going too far.

August 31st, 2009

As opposed to wild lester, who found a way over the fence again a few days ago, and our neighbor three doors down called to say that les had made his way through their kitty door, and when the guy opened the back door, les struggled to squeeze back out the kitty door.

I’m also realizing that winnie was our most lap-friendly kitty. he was happy to lie on somebody much of the time, and now, Riley and Les mostly like to do their own thing . Les snuggles next to me when i’m sleeping, but he spends large amounts of his day snoozing on our bed.

occasionally Lester will hang out in the living room with us, sprawled on the rug, but sometimes he enjoys the comfort of sleeping on top of kevin’s laptop.

just one more photo tonight,Winnie stretched out in front of the kitchen cabinet. such a good kitty.

Feburary 27th, 2010

whew. it has been record-setting cold today, with a high of only -4 or something and a low of minus something very low, and i’d planned to spend my day sitting here writing and stuff, but somehow that didn’t happen.

oh well,