Whew. Got back from NYC last evening and I’ve been dead-tired every since. But this is way back on November 19th, when we enjoyed the nice weather.

This is about my favorite photo ever, featuring Kevin and Spot.

We had a mellow, low-key Thanksgiving, including many delicious appetizers and I made a pizza. Amy took this photo of Les in “portrait” mode which convinced me that portrait mode on your phone is awesome.

A small and pleasant gathering.

The night after, I sat out on the porch with Spot and Lemon Drop and took this picture to show somebody that i was sitting out on the porch. I do this a lot.

Again, whew. I’ve mostly unpacked and I need to put up just a few more decorations and buy a couple more gifts and bake as many cookies as possible. It’s all good and so very nice to be home.

Ok then,

Mrs. Ides of December G.H.