More crashing around to the end of March

by grace on April 9, 2021

A couple of days before I felt like fainting and had to go to the ER, Amy dropped a glass pie pan and it shattered. She swept it up, but felt like there was a shard of glass in the sole of her foot. She tried to dig it out, to no avail, so the next morning, March 22nd, she went to Urgent Care, where the doctor tried to tell her that there was more than likely nothing there. But he appeased her by taking an X-ray, and sure enough, a sliver of glass was still embedded. He removed it and Amy brought the shard home. To me it looks pretty big. Luckily it wasn’t anything worse, like last summer when she dislocated her elbow.

Here are a couple of photos I took when in the ER on March 24th. This is where they parked me for my entire stay, and it’s funny that it looks so deserted because many people were walking or rushing around most of the time while I was there. Up ahead of me you can see the edge of another bed that was also stranded out in the hall.

Three hours was a long time to wear a mask, but my nurse wore a very tight-fitting N95 mask that dug into his head. He was remarkably cheerful considering he was near the end of his 12 hour shift.

I kept turning around to check on my blood pressure on the monitor behind me. It had gotten as high as 150/90, and you can see that it was 148/84, better but not great. But nobody was concerned about it because it wasn’t super high.

Here’s the Holter Monitor they sent me home with, with a couple of the five contact points exposed. They snapped in to the sticky things attached to my body and it was much too easy to accidentally pull them out.

Yesterday I went to a cardiologist because my doctor wanted me to get an echocardiogram stress test. I thought I was going to have one right then so I wore my tennis shoes in anticipation, but the doctor just listened to my heart and thoroughly explained about how the electrical system works in my heart, drawing with a dry erase pen on a nifty screen that had an image of a beating heart with the branches of the electrical paths overlaid.

He said that this Right Bundle Branch Block I have could simply be a benign change; nothing was actually blocked, but the electrical pulse was just different now. He said this is a common thing, and since I’m healthy it’s probably nothing to worry about. I go back next Friday for the stress test, which should hopefully show that my heart is just fine.

He did review my cholesterol with me and the bad cholesterol is kind of high. I guess I need to quit eating so much cheese. Hard to give up cheese. But he said that since I exercised so much, I didn’t need cholesterol medicine which I think is a very good thing.

Three days after my ER visit, I was headed off to pick up my computer which had been repaired, and I saw and felt a big rock hit the windshield. I guess a car must have kicked it up, and it didn’t look like the glass had been cracked because my sun visor was down.

But when I arrived at the computer repair store I saw that there was a giant spiderweb of a crack.

It was annoying but after going to the ER i was able to put it into perspective. Cars can be fixed. I was able to quickly get the windshield replaced, paying a modest deductible, and things are all good for now.

And that’s it for March. April had been unseasonably warm but the temps are dropping to more April-like weather which is good so that I can do more outside work. Because there’s always plenty of work to be done outside and I did get pretty darn warm when I was raking the other day.

ok then,

Mrs. April Hughes.

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