last monday night, garrick and janice and max joined us on the boat for dinner and a cruise around the lake.

we went under the Vachel Lindsey Bridge, which is being renovated and repaired in a big, big way.  they closed it on july 5th, and it’s not supposed to be open til november. you can see where they’ve taken down part of the railing up there on the left.

the underneath part didn’t look quite that bad before they started working on it – i think they peeled back the really falling-in pieces.

here’s a view from the other side.

kevin enjoys some dinner, while, of course, mollie desperately wants whatever it is he’s having.

max was in love with being on the boat.

i wanted to show everybody a house where they’re building an inground pool, so we admired the giant hole in the ground, and then i suggested we head all the way over to the other side of the lake to look at this enormous new house that looks just like a fancy lodge.  kevin started out after we’d eaten, but then the boat ran out of gas.

not the end of the world, because we have a second gas tank, but when he switched the tanks, the boat kept sputtering and dying.

he tried it, it died, he tried it, it died.  this went on and on for quite a while.  he kept opening up the cover and trying to fiddle with it.

he decided to pour the gas from the one tank to the other, but for some reason we had no funnel on board.  i had brought a plastic bottle of water, so garrick used a deinner knife to saw the end off it so kevin could used it for a funnel.  it worked ok, but of course there was lots and lots of gas on kevin.

he kept working, and everybody kept asking what they could do, and i kept taking pictures.  there weren’t many boats on the lake, and we kept thinking we’d try to get rescued, but kevin kept working on it…

as it got later, the sky was beautiful.

finally, kevin got it to run, but only when he had the button pushed in.  it’s not the choke button, or maybe it is.  everybody was happy that nobody had to jump in and pull the boat ashore.

ta da!  the man of the hour!

it was quite an adventure.  by the time we got home it seemed to be running fine.  the bad news is that kevin and i were going to go for a little ride on saturday morning but the boat had no interest in the whole thing after literally five minutes.

kevin says he had to take out the carbeurator and clean it, but it’s really hot down there, and there’s no shade when it’s slightly less hot in the morning.  will the boat be fixed before the summer is over?  time will tell.

i have many more photos and stories to tell, ans it’s time for the AUGUST BANNER, and i have much to do…

ok ok ok,

mrs. monday hughes.