the good news is that it was UNBELIEVABLY WARM today. we went running this afternoon and it was actually hot for that. i guess we’ll have a little bit of cooler weather late in the week but SPRING HAS SPRUNG.

my friend jerri had a baby, and his name is charlie. she had him about a week ago, i believe. i haven’t actually talked to her, but christine tells me these things. plus there’s a photo of him on her blog. christine and jerri don’t actually talk very much, i don’t think, but they constantly instant message each other.

i’m not usually even around a computer very much, which is why i don’t take part in any instant-messaging. plus when i used to be around a computer most of the time, the instant messaging was always a big distraction because usually when i’m on the computer i’m LOOKING THINGS UP.

VERY IMPORTANT THINGS that need to be looked up. like calcium and potassium and barack obama.

i listened to one of his podcasts just now and it was quite interesting, plus when you listen to it, there’s all these very trippy images on the screen as you listen. you could get very mesmerized by the images.

i was trying to find about barack obama events here in spfld. surely there must be a bunch of them, don’t you think, seeing as how this is the capitol city and he’s a senator from illinois? i went to his website and found that there was actually an informal meeting TONIGHT, but i missed it because it was a couple of hours ago. but it looked like a very small event; there must be something more than a bunch of people meeting at Panera Bread, isn’t there? isn’t there?

i’ve also been reading his book, “the audacity of hope,” and i suggest that you go pick up a copy and read it. i’m halfway through, and i have to say that it’s pretty fascinating and informative and isn’t too bad to get through, even though i don’t normally read anything that non-fictiony, not to mention that it’s full of things that people should know, stuff about how government and the media and politics and politicians and everything works. it’s good but also sobering and a little depressing.

it’s kind of like childhood obesity, which is bad and getting worse, but i really don’t see any hope of it getting better, only worse. just like all the stuff about government and the way the world actually works, and there are just so many huge things that need to be fixed and i don’t see how they ever could. be.

it makes a person want to sit around eating doughnuts and humming a nice little tune, maybe something from “the music man,” forgetting all the bad things in the world.

christine called me the other day to say she was amused that kevin’s fencing lame (the silver jacket he wears over his fencing jacket in a competition. it’s silver because it’s made of some kind of metal, so that when an electric fencing foil touches it, it makes the score box light up and buzz) says HUGHES USA on it, as if he was going to be fencing in russia or something.

hey, it could happen. it does seem kind of funny that it says USA on it, but i feel that he’s not going to just suddenly stop being in competitions, and it seems that there certainly is a possibility of fencing in some other country.

i’ll be happy to go along. BUT DON’T MAKE ME FENCE. it’s bad enough fencing here in the USA; i’m sure i’d get SLAUGHTERED by russian fencers.

theoretically i’m going to be in a beginner’s fencing tournament this weekend, but maybe something huge will happen and i won’t have to go. kevin keeps saying i’m going to do GREAT. right now only four people are signed up for it, and they’re all 12 years old or younger. i’m not going if it’s just going to be a bunch of kids. if i beat them, well, it’s because they’re 12 or younger. but what if they all beat me? that would be much too humiliating.

oh, here’s a photo of the kitties. winnie, who is, indeed, a very GIANT kitty, was trying to climb over to me. honey was lying in her bed and this is usually how she does it. very very cute, even though she’s a ruthless killer in real life.


ok then,

monday grace.