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by grace on September 1, 2013

so…mollie wasn’t feeling good yesterday morning.  she was shaking, which seemed very bad.  i called the U of I, and one of the oncology vets who was on-call called me right back.  she suggested i see how mollie was doing in a couple of hours, and that we take her to our vet if she wasn’t feeling well.  we’d given her an anti-nausea pill, and in a couple hours she was much better.

she’s still eating and drinking and everything, and this morning kevin took her for a good bunny-sniffing for a half hour.

but i know she’s just not feeling right again.  this morning i was sitting on the floor and she walked past me and i patted her lightly on her back and she YELPED.

not good.

she’s sleeping now.  it makes me anxious to have to leave her.

we have our last show today at two, so this is your final chance.

yesterday morning the animals were sprawled all over the screened porch.

mollie just didn’t look good.  poor doggie.

meanwhile…kevin was (and is right now) out on the sailboat.  he filled a garbage can with water and tried the motor, and it worked.  this made him very happy.

the garbage can has a big leak in the bottom, but luckily its main function isn’t usually to test out boat motors.

kevin did more cleaning yesterday morning, before it got ridiculously hot again.

this is the ladder that i’m forced to climb to get up there, and i just don’t like it and am always sure i’m gonna fall down and crack my head open when i climb up and down it.

there were a couple of fawns in the circle, and when we spotted them, they came galloping up to us, like they wanted to play.

yesterday was mom’s turn to go check on erica’s cat heidi, but she called and said that she couldn’t even find heidi.  this was a little troubling to me, so i stopped by on my way to the show and there she was, lying on the living room rug.  she let me pet her, which i did for a good half hour, and she purred and purred.  clearly, she likes people a lot more in the evening than during the day.  she didn’t even swipe at me or try to bite me at all!

when i got to the show i decided i need a chronology of my transformation to first-class stripper.

here’s me in my horton hears a who shorts.

and with my glamour makeup…

my costume with my hair smoosher-downer that i put on before the giant wig.

and, TA DA!  but i see you can’t see the shoes here, so today i’ll have to get megan to take another picture, so you can see the complete ensemble.  hopefully we’ll also get a picture of all three of us very talented strippers.

whew.  i hope mollie feels better today.

that is all for now,

mrs. h.

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