bob dylan was also born today. i’m sure that every year i find this out then promptly forget about it again.

bob and i will probably spend the day doing very different activities.

mine is going to involve quite a bit of cleaning out the garage and moving stuff, and then moving stuff from mom and dad’s house. probably a little painting and clean-up stuff will be involved.

the pre-inspector came to pre-inspect the house yesterday. the good news is that there were only three things he found wrong, and two of them were minor and we can fix them ourselves. the third thing is THE ROOF – although we did a good job of attaching it to the house, there were some technical issues that have to be fixed.

don’t ask me what they are. there are three different “problem areas” and they seem to involve folding the pieces of shingle over each other in different patterns than they are. one area is on the edge of the house, another is on one of the “valleys” and the other is the peak. aside from that it’s fine.

we’re calling in professionals to fix the problems.

yesterday was chilly and rainy and not a late-may day in illinois at all. today, though, it’s supposed to be warm and sunny, as it should be.

here are two photos – the first is when i was only two. even though there are thousands of very adorable photos of amy as a little kid, there is at least this one of me. mostly, though, i was just never as cute as amy.

and this is my eighth birthday. note the ANGEL FOOD CAKE, which mom kept giving me even though i have and will always want CHOCOLATE CAKE WITH CHOCOLATE ICING. angel food cake was easier to make says mom, although i, personally, have never thought it was that easy.

ok then. let the packing begin. again.

older and older grace.