it’s a beautiful morning and there are approximately three million things i need to be doing outside on this beautiful day, but first, some photos.

it’s too bad there isn’t something else in this picture, to give you a sense of scale.  this is a very small, baby turtle.  jim spotted it when he was golfing on may 2nd.  he was at lincoln greens, which is on the lake.  jim said the little guy was far away from the lake at this point, so he’d hit the ball, pick up the tiny turtle, and carry it with him as he continued on the course.

isn’t he the NICEST GUY EVER???

by the time jim got to the 16th hole, he decided to forgo the last two holes, and carried the little guy down to the lake, where he swam happily away.

may 2nd turned out to be a big day full of excitement for us, but first, here’s a picture of randy’s cat, rupee, who looks a lot like winnie but if you saw a picture of rupee’s whole body, you’d see that she is petite and delicate, not a huge jumbo kitty like winnie.

amy took this picture when we were gone, as chester attacked his favorite shoes, which i keep on the floor now even though i don’t actually wear them anymore.  so instead they’re big chester playthings.

she said he was going to play some more but then suddenly got exhausted and plopped down next to the shoe for a nap.

lester’s most comfortable place to nap.

noodle and numie are ever-vigilant.  sometimes amy has to pull down the shades so the dogs can’t see out – they start barking at anybody going by, or merely at a perceived threat like a random falling leaf.

here, noodle deserves an award for MOST ADORABLE PUPPY EVER.

and back to may 2nd…i was sitting right here on the screened porch, looking at my computer, facing the lake and i heard a big CRAAACK.  i looked up to see a HUGE BRANCH come crashing down from the big old tree.

i immediately went out and took a picture and sent it out, including to jim, but then i hear his voice – he was home, and he’d been at his window and also saw the limb fall!  what are the odds that two of saw it happen?

lester and chester, meanwhile, weren’t so excited about the branch.  if i’d just LET THEM ROAM FREE, they’d have been down there in a heartbeat.

because this tree lost another limb, jim decided it was time for the tree to come down.  it’s hollow; i’ve taken plenty of photos of it before, and jim  was concerned that kevin might be mowing under it and another huge branch would crash down on top of him.

they had another dead tree between their house and their neighbor’s, and he decided that tree should come down, too.  we also had a big dead fir tree next to our driveway, so jim arranged for the tree guys to come out on may 5th to chop them all down.

i have many photos, plus a video, of the exciting tree events, but right now i must get outside.

ok then,

mrs. tuesday morning hughes.