do your remember that brave little willow tree that jim planted, that a very hungry beaver chewed right down?  then it came back and dragged off the huge top of the tree.  well, now it’s sprouting new branches like crazy.

i saw it when i was taking les for a walk.  yep, the kitty has a harness and a leash now, and he doesn’t hate it…we don’t actually walk very much.  he lies down for quite a bit of time and then he springs at something.  here, he’s very interested in attacking things underneath all the leaves.

kevin took this early one morning when he took les for a walk, sans leash.

lester loves to go duck-hunting.

this is one of his favorite spots, nestled down in the back of the couch so he can reach out and swipe at people or dogs as they walk by.

because he’s a cat, he has to sleep a lot, of course.  he’s just SO CUTE.  right now he’s sleeping on that very same chair right in front of me.  SOOOO CUTE…

soon i have photos of the fair, hopefully before the fair is actually over.  we went, but not enough.  i do love the fair, even though sometimes i think, ho hum, same old fair…but there’s just something so…fair-like about it.  i’d love to travel around the country and visit all the state fairs.  i’m not sure i could convince kevin to go with me, though.  he has no fair-mania like i do.

ok then,

mrs. g. hughes.