i was sitting here on the screened porch contemplating the myriad of stuff i have to get done today, when in trotted les with a big pair of white socks in his mouth.

that kitty makes me smile no matter what.

sometimes when i got into the bedroom, this is how he’s lying down.

numie the other day, basking in the sun.  amy says he looks like a frog with his legs splayed out like that.  numie and amy are almost exactly alike (except numie hasn’t started teaching zumba yet)…they have two speeds, hyper overdrive, and asleep.

noodle is so sweet and darling, unless he encounters any other dog besides numie or mollie.  when i took them all running yesterday morning, i saw these two women with their two big happy golden retrievers way on the other side of the field, out of sight of noodle, thank god.  i stayed far away so the dogs wouldn’t see them.

after a while i couldn’t see the women anymore and decided maybe they’d left the field, and decided to take the dogs through the woods because i’ve never seen the women in there.

we got about halfway through, with mollie off her leash, when i suddenly heard the women and their dogs. OH MY GOD!

mollie, of course, sped up up to see them, while noodle and numie started to work themselves up into a frothing frenzy.  the thing is, they will attack each other because they get so insane, and then numie will attack noodle, who will bite numie.  is it a very tense situation.

luckily, noodle was on mollie’s extendable leash, so he was a good distance away from numie.  usually they are both on their short leashes, in close proximity to one another.

i was able to keep them far apart, while screaming MOLLIE MOLLIE MOLLIE! at the top of my voice.

problem is, mollie is going deaf, plus she wanted to hang out with these other dogs.

the women, who i could hear but not see, said things like “she’s with us,” and “she’s ok.”

i yelled BUT THESE DOGS ARE CRAZY, SORRY!  and then i yelled and yelled and yelled more for mollie, and eventually she decided to come back to me.

i apologized some more and ran back the way we came.

it certainly helped to get my heart rate up, anyway.

but just look how sweet he is…

numie invented the downward dog pose.

yesterday while i was cleaning cleaning cleaning over at the duplex, kevin started painting the floors with KILZ, i believe it’s called, this stuff to cover pee smells.  he had already ripped up all the carpeting and cut it up into pieces so it could go in the trash, and he and garrick removed all the staples and the tack boards and everything.

here’s a hallway.

and the front hallway.

the middle bedroom.

and the living room floor, which has an interesting thing sprayed in the middle of it.

that was all the fun and excitement from yesterday.

today i have a good feeling that it will be once again injury-free.

ok then,

mrs. tuesday morning hughes.