i added a link to his website over there on the right.  he’s now in the leather-making business – he even got an EIN so that he could buy some wholesale…things.  he told me about these things…studs?  things…that he couldn’t find anywhere.  they’re things made ouf of brass, which he needs, but online he could only find them made out of nickel?  sometimes i feel that maybe i’m making up the details.  not that i don’t listen closely or anything.

anyway, he couldn’t find these studs or things made out of brass, so he had to become a wholesaler in order to order them.  since he’s using these things as part of making authentic reproductions of civil war-era holsters, why don’t they sell them all over the place?

one of the mysteries of the internet.  anyway, he has a couple of nice photos of the stuff he’s already made.  plus he has photos of guitars he has for sale.  plus he even started a blog on the site, which i didn’t even know about till last night.

so please look at his website.

my goal today is to put up a different banner on this site.  i guess i’ll go back to the photo of the snowy lake, because we’re supposed to have snow tonight.

the good news is that daylight savings time starts on MARCH EIGHTH.  did you know that?  that’s only a little over two weeks away.

good news on friday.

ok then,