this morning i grabbed my camera to take photos of the cute little puffy goslings waddling around the yard, went to click the shutter…and the battery died!  grrrr…by the time i’d recharged it enough, the goslings were nowhere to be seen.  so instead i went out the front door – yesterday amy planted the new flowers i bought, including two new bleeding hearts, one of my favorites.  because my energy continues to be AWOL, she has been very helpful – before she planted the flowers, she planted a bunch of other flowers in my window boxes on the deck.  super nice!  i had been looking forward to planting new flowers, but really wasn’t up to all that effort.

this is from easter, when we wanted to give randy something nice, because he always plies us with presents including CHOCOLATE.  we bought him this chocolate bunny and wanted to somehow attach it to the planter, and this is what amy came up with…she kept saying IT’S AVANT GARDE!  but to me it looks like he’s a bunny hostage, thoroughly bound up. but very, very festive.

the other day numie and noodle came for a visit, the CUTEST DOGS EVER!  except for mollie, of course.

here’s one of the columbines amy planted, with the boat LOOMING BACK THERE IN THE BACKGROUND.  it’s READY TO LAUNCH, except because it’s there in the driveway it makes it really really challenging to try to back the car out.  last night as i was struggling, trying not to smash into the van, trying to avoid smacking into a tree, kevin was watching me as i toiled…this made me EVEN MORE NERVOUS.  but we’re going to launch it soon, maybe even today.  whew.

another pretty columbine.

there used to be only vines growing in this shady area, but suddenly the lightbulb (it’s a flickery bulb, prone to randomly burning out) went off in my head…we could plant some flowers that don’t need so much sun!  we’ll see how they do.

and that is all for this morning…i have MANY MANY THINGS to do today, and i’m hoping i will have plenty of energy to get them all done.  today i might found out if i need a B12 shot, which i HOPE THAT’S WHAT I NEED.


well, maybe we’ve sold a few, anyway.  rehearsal went so well last night that the delightful and lovely pam gave us tonight off.  WHOO, so i’m sure we’ll all be partying like rock stars!

or napping.

ok then,

mrs. friday morning hughes as the days all ooze together because of the ongoing