that i kept observing all the bright red people getting cooked out there on the beach.  last night i realized that i’d burned the bottoms of my legs something fierce.  we stopped by a drug store and i slathered on the aloe and kept doing it and took lots of motrin and had a glass of wine but still, OUCH, the pain was so bad that it woke me up in the middle of the night.

very dumb.  lesson learned.

somehow i thought that my very pale legs wouldn’t burn because they usually don’t even tan and the sun isn’t so strong at this time of the year.

but we were on the beach for SIX HOURS.  it’s just amazing that they didn’t blister up and fall right off.

today we’ve been lounging by the pool so far.  kevin reported that in spfld this morning it was drizzling, in the upper 30’s.

miami beach isn’t really the crazy scene that we encountered when we first got here.  last night we sat out on the hotel’s front porch, playing poker, and a few people walked by, but there were no masses of prostitute-looking women.  the hotel now looks beautiful, nothing like the trashed place it was when we arrived.

what if we’d booked our vacation last week?  some poor people must have inadvertently done that, but on the other hand maybe the place was full with partiers.

today we’re going on a duck tour.  amy and i thought it was an amphibious vehicle, capable of going from land to sea, shaped like a giant duck.  wouldn’t that be fun?  wouldn’t you think that’s what a duck tour would be?

no, kevin informed me that the duck is the name of the amphibious vehicle.  not shaped like a giant duck after all.  it should still be fun.  we’ll get to see some of downtown miami, and then we’ll go out on the water.

with lots and lots of sunscreen.

ok then,

grace still in beautiful warm miami beach.