i woke up about 2:15 or so, and i was just lying there, itching my thousands of new mosquito bites on my legs, and i finally decided to get up.

now i feel this probably wasn’t the best idea in the world.  but on the other hand, i’d just by lying there itching if i was still in bed, so at least i’m getting something done?

nobody has asked me yet for a bio for the show, and i’m assuming they’ll do that since we open in less than two weeks.  so i decided to write one, and it made me think of dad, so now i’m sad.  plus, of course, sad about mollie cause she just didn’t have a good day.  i mean, she did eat some dinner and she did want lots of treats, but then she really didn’t want the ones i was trying to give her.

and then of course i stepped on her in the dark trying to make it outta the bedroom just now.

it’s pretty much a miracle that i haven’t injured myself at all today, although i guess technically that was all yesterday.  it was a day of heightened klutziness, most notably at the theater – i went to rehearsal and sat in the back row on the main floor and i had brought a HUGE covered cup of water that was filled to the tippy top, and of course i managed to kick it over and it all went pouring out in this big river of water and ice, all the way down to the first row of seats, finally stopping at the edge of the stage.

good grief.  i ran to the bathroom to get lots of paper towels, and other people busily helped me mop up the gallons of water, and some young guy even had a mop that he used to get most of it up.  because i’m just in the one number, i don’t even know if this guy is actually in the show, or just works at the hoogland, or was just passing by…

and then, tonight when i got home, it was before dark, i was dismayed to hear from kevin that both lester and chester had escaped.  they snuck right out the front door while he was watching TV, because the door hadn’t completely latched when winnie went out.  kevin said he heard the door open and thought it was me, and then realized they’d made their escape.  but at that point it was raining, and he said they were just sitting on the porch watching the rain.

but when i got home the rain had pretty much stopped, and i decided i’d better go find les before it got totally dark.  i put on my trail running shoes and got the giant flashlight, and was happy that chester had already decided he’d had enough outside.

when i opened the door, though, there was lester!  i was very happy, and he walked towards me, but then i tried to grab him and he dashed off.  i almost got his tail, and then i lurched forward and started to fall head-first into a plant on a stand, and if i hadn’t managed to stop the fall i’d have crashed right down onto the concrete floor.  it wouldn’t have been pretty.

and now it’s going to be four a.m. before i know it, and i just want to be sleepy and fall back asleep and sleep the rest of the night.

kevin took this picture of les, and it’s funny that he looks like a tiny skinny little guy, instead of the huge kitty who is sitting in the chair looking at me right now.

usually everybody but winnie likes to be where we are.

chester licked les and it didn’t end up in a big crazy biting chasing kind of thing, which is what usually happens.  maybe they were being nice and didn’t wanna disturb our sleeping dog.

because we have new cushions for the outdoor chairs, kevin put a couple of the old cushions on the floor for chester. in additiion to the cushions that are up on the table out here on the screened porch.  no, of course they’re not spoiled in any way.

ok,, i’m gonna pick up les now and we’ll try to get back to sleep.


mrs. tired early tuesday morning hughes.