Busy, so busy. I need to take some time to go for some relaxing and calming boat rides, instead of being a total maniac about getting everything on my very long “spring 2023” list accomplished. It’s not like we’re having a big garden party anytime soon (ever?) and who even pays attention to the weeded and mulched areas of our great big yard, not to mention the many other things on the list.

I have all summer, really, and it’ll be OK if I don’t get it all done. Not to mention the fact that I’ve already checked about a dozen things off the list plus Kevin did a good amount of the power-washing already.

Meanwhile…cats cats cats. We spent Saturday cleaning up the screened porch, getting rid of stuff, putting stuff in boxes for our upcoming garage sale (which is a sort of bad idea I realize already, waaay to much additional effort) and getting the place in tip top shape for the arrival of Pumpkin back into the place where he’d lived up til winter when it got too cold.

He’s pretty darn happy in there so far, and has plenty to keep him interested what with all the wildlife out the windows. And he’s been able to relax.

When Kevin power-washed the little deck yesterday he set this kitty house in the middle of yard. When it was on the deck nobody got in it but suddenly Riley realized it the was the perfect place to chill in the middle of the grass.

Here are three separate things I was able to check off my list – I power-washed the walkway and then stained it and finally put my shells along it yesterday. I’d meant to stain it last year so I’m pleased it’s finally done. There aren’t many boards but it took way longer than I thought it would because they’d never been power-washed before and were much filthier than anticipated. Will I ever realize that just about everything takes longer than I think it will?

It feels good to have this done, except last night I went out there and the marauding raccoons had knocked a bunch of the shells off the bricks which was annoying. But re-arranging the shells is going to be another daily task and I’m just going to accept that.

Spot spends a lot of time sitting on top of his cat house, meowing for me to come out and snuggle with him. I do it whenever I can.

The weather has been spectacular these last few days and maybe we’ll have a mild summer…not realistic I know, but I can always dream…

Ok then,