finished the dining room on friday.  it looks lovely.  saturday, the st. patrick’s day parade where i drank an entire guinness.   a good time was had by all.  i didn’t see that much of the actual parade because we got there in time to see kevin marching and then we all went and had beer.

when we went out for lunch later, a guy waiting was lying on the floor.

why is getting totally trashed such a joyous thing for some people?  he didn’t look very fully of joy just then.

sunday i rested.  yesterday, the living room painting began.

it’s a very big room.  mom and amy helped and it felt like we weren’t getting anywhere, but i guess we got some stuff done.  i did almost half of the ceiling.  painting the ceiling is the worst.  i’m about to start in again this morning.  not sure if i’m going to have any help at all today, but i’m not going to focus on that, i’m going to think about getting it done.

i turned on the music channel on the TV and it was helen reddy singing YES I AM WOMAN so that was inspiring.  but now it’s some sad paul simon song.

maybe i should change the channel from “70s” to “dance hits” or “party tunes” or something.

if you’re free at all today, you’re welcome to come and help.  i’ll give you lunch.  and green beer, if you like, since it is now officially st. patrick’s day.

ok then,

working grace

p.s. now it’s shaun cassidy singing “i woke up in love this morning,” so i’ll have to keep listening…