it’s not even summer yet, so I just need to calm down about the yard work. The weeds will always be there, I don’t need to pull them all right this minute. It rained a bit this afternoon so that gave me an excuse to stop with the yard work for the day. I feel like I’ve already accomplished a lot but at the same time it seems that there’s a huge, huge amount to do still. But like I said, it’s only May.

Amy took this photo of Spot two days ago. She also took a video as he happily lapped up the water from their bird bath.

She said she’d been worried that he’d be scared and run off, but of course he was happy to stay right there. Yes, we do have fresh water on the front porch for the outdoorsers, but usually they prefer to lap out of the water that collects in a rut in the driveway. So at least this bird bath water is a bit cleaner. Not that they care.

Pumpkin has been a good boy living out on the screened porch, and today for the first time I let him out so that he could wander around parts of the house which are cat-free at the moment.

He curled up on the sofa and I petted him and he suddenly swiped at me and made contact with my skin. Ouch. He’s batted at me like this a few times and I think it might be because he can’t see so well out of his right eye and it makes him anxious?

I yelled after he did it and he was nervous but he was soon like this.

I put some neosporin on my cut and I’ll probably survive.

After I took his picture, Pumpkin got up…in order to curl up in a different way.

Six indoor and two outdoor cats are too many, and sometimes they cause injury, but they sure are cute.

Ok then,

Mrs. H.