That’s how hot it is now. Hot hot heat. Yesterday the heat index said it felt like 122. I mean, c’mon. I kept going outside and my glasses kept fogging up.

Good grief.

When I got home from the grocery store yesterday, there was an ambulance and a fire truck in between our house and Mom’s. I panicked and asked the firefighter if everything was ok. “Yep,” he said.

I said, “My mom lives right there and I live right over there,” gesturing wildly. “Is she OK?”

“Yep,” he said again.

“So there’s not a problem?”

“Nope”. Not exactly a verbose fellow. It turns out that a guy working outside our neighbor’s house had some kind of heat incident; Kevin says he saw him sitting under a tree as the medics attended to him.

By the time I’d put away the grocerie, I could see the guy walking around our neighbor’s yard and finally driving away. This was a young, scrawny guy, and if he’s going to have heat incidents, why should we even go outside at all?

I worry about our outdoor kitties, but of course they don’ know that we’re having record-breaking heat, they just sprawl out on the porch.

There’s going to be a triathlon tomorrow morning. Good luck with that. I can see the buoys out in the water right now. I bet it’ll be a hot swim. I jumped in the lake on Wednesday and the water was actually still refreshing but that’s before these few blistering days.

Sometimes Pumpkin stretches himself against a wall on the screened porch. Looking at this picture I’m realizing it kind of looks like a fire hazard with that massive amount of cords. It’s funny that his paw is stretched over a Feliway diffuser – Feliway is one of the many ways we try to make him a more mellow fellow.

I went for a run and this deer was watching me intently. She looks awfully thin.

I used to think that possums were bad because they’re so odd-looking but my friend Julie says they’re shy and sweet. Look at those crazy feet! Poor little thing. I mean, at least it was getting some fine cat food. It’s not skinny like that poor deer.

Because he is always desperate to be with us, and because he sees me on the screened porch with Pumpkin, Spot sometimes hangs out on the deck. Lemon Drop has started tagging along, and on this afternoon she was enjoying the nice hot plastic deck box.

When we sit with Pumpkin on the screened porch he won’t ever sit next to us on a chair, so our friends donated this loveseat to the cause. Pumpkin loves it because it has a high back and arms and he can stand up there, plus now he’ll sit on it with one of us. Good times all around.

I’ve been trying to increase my running time lately and about a week ago I went for five miles. I ran (jogged slowly) around Lincoln Land, and startled this fawn.

She bolted but was headed in the direction I’d been going and so she thought I was chasing her for a while. She finally bounded out of sight.

Last Friday night Kevin and I took a boat ride and we spotted these herons on the shore. One, in the middle, is near the water, and there’s another halfway up and a third way up in the dead tree. Thery’re hard to spot, and it’s always funny to see them resting on a branch because they’re such very big birds.

So that’s mostly it for July, deer and cats and possums and herons and more and more cats…I hope your summer is going well. When I was at the grocery store yesterday I saw some Halloween stuff. C’mon already.

Ok then,

Mrs. G. Hughes.