After lunch in the dining room, we headed out for St. Louis Canyon at Starved Rock at about 2:30 in the afternoon. It was cold, in the 20s, but the sun was shining which was great.

It was funny to start out on this trail which we’d done a few times before, because we saw exactly nobody all the way to St. Louis Canyon. Here’s a short video of the first little fall.

This is the view down Sac Canyon.

It only took us a half hour to reach St. Louis Canyon, and there was a couple at the falls when we got there, but they were moving off. I remember getting pretty warm when hiking this trail in the summer and fall, and it was great not to get overheated.

I’d seen photos of completely frozen falls at the different canyons and it was cool to see both icicles and falling water.

Yay, hiking in winter! I wouldn’t want to try it with snow on the ground, though.

I loved this picture of Kevin with the glowing rock behind him as we headed back out.

When we looked down at Sac Canyon again we both felt vertigo because of the swoopy striations in the rock.

It wasn’t a really long hike, but a great one. I think we might have seen maybe ten people the entire time. On our hikes there at other times of year there were many, many people.

The hike gave us an appetite for another great meal in the dining room.

Meanwhile, here at home today, it’s cold and windy and we had our very first snowfall of the winter. It was supposed to be 2 or 3 inches, but there was only a smattering of snow. It did rain for quite a while last night before it started to snow, so I wonder if it’s slick and treacherous out there? I hope to stay inside for most of the day.

Ok then,

Mrs. January Hughes.