time for spring.  the cold came back, as i knew it would, and it just makes me mad, and makes me want to never go outside.

last night i braved the elements to go listen to the yale a capella group, Out of the Blue.  they were entertaining, but then i had to go back out into the cold again.

because i’ve been so inspired by all of bev’s house-fixing-up, yesterday i went to lowe’s and bought some paint and i’m about to start painting my dining room.  then i plan to do the living room, the kitchen and the hall.

the dining room is going to be sky blue.  i hope i like it.  i think i will, but it will probably be too bright for other people.  but i want it to feel as much as possible like i’m outside in the sun when i’m inside.  hence sky blue.

i’m also motivated because kevin is off helping his friend wayne put walls up in his basement because he, too, is doing all kinds of remodeling.

busy busy busy.

ok then,

thursday grace.