Whew, Spot’s surgery was a success. Such a miracle. We took him in yesterday morning and the vet called to tell us that his white blood count and platelets were still dangerously low and the procedure would be high risk. She wanted to know if we wanted to proceed, and I said, “So either he has the surgery or he dies?” and she said yes, so we said go for it! And spent a very anxious day waiting waiting waiting. She said the surgery would be late morning but we didn’t hear anything til later in the afternoon. when she called to say the surgery went great!

Such a miracle. We picked him up at four with instructions for giving him pain meds and antibiotics. On the car ride home he was meowing up a storm and seemed to be saying “Get me outta here!”

When we set him down in the garage he walked all around and ate lots and lots of food. He kept going to the door to the house and meowing, clearly telling us that now was the time to make him a 100% indoor kitty. But he’s still in the garage, because we don’t know if he’ll start spraying all over the house – the vet said that after this trauma maybe that behavior would stop. We’re kind of skeptical about that, but we’ll see.

The other issue is that three of our four downstairs kitties are afraid of him. He hasn’t attacked anybody, but they’re fearful anyway. Right now he’s Ok the garage. Today he has mostly been sleeping and hasn’t tried getting into the house. He’s recovering nicely.

Here’s a video that I took last night in the garage. Lots needs to be cleaned and organized in there, I know.

Meanwhile, the lilies are blooming like crazy.

Lovey, who has always enjoyed time in the fenced yard, has suddenly decided that she enjoys being an adventure cat. Kevin hasn’t yet seen where she’s able to climb over the fence. On Monday she was just walking along the bushes.

She likes to lie on the deck. Yesterday morning Amy came over to say that there was a black and white cat on our deck, but luckily it was just Lovey.

On Tuesday evening Mom and I went with Kevin to the 114th flag-lowering ceremony at Lincoln’s tomb. He hasn’t done that in several years. It was a perfect night for it, but I feel like that’s it for the nice weather because the heat has arrived full force.

You probably can’t see him but he’s fifth from the left.

Yay, Kevin has awesome sight after so many years of eyesight troubles.

Kevin went sailing Thursday morning and I went down to the water to see him sail in.

I love this picture.

Of course I took about a millions pictures out there in the yard in my nightgown with my cup of tea. I also love this picture.

And that’s about it on this exciting Saturday night.

Ok then,

Mrs. Mom of MIracle Kitty Hughes.