or perhaps i should have titled this post “red ball head.”

because randy’s birthday was on tuesday, he had a performance of “the producers” that night and we couldn’t celebrate his party at night.  so instead we had a birthday lunch at katie girl’s restaurant.  it was very festive, despite being at noon instead of dinner.  this is just one of the many lovely gifts he got.

more gifts, with amy helping out as usual.


it’s a very wet and soggy 4th of july.  there are many activities and events going on all over the place today, but i bet many of them will be canceled.  hopefully it’ll be dry enough to have fireworks over the lake tonight, because that’s the only thing i care about doing.

here are some photos i took with my phone when we were in chicago last weekend.

we went to the art institute and this is a monet that i loved that i’ve never seen before.  it’s called “Bordighera,” which is a town on the coast of northern Italy and i think i’d like to go there someday.  i wonder if it’s still beautiful.


hmm, maybe another bike trip to find out?

here’s me and mom and aunt sandy, relaxing after lots of walking around in the museum.  i have fancy hair because amy was doing everybody’s hair that morning and decided i needed an updo.  i felt very tall with my hair sticking high up like that.


here’s millenium park, with the giant silver bean in the background.  it was a perfect day in chicago.


we stopped by marshall field’s to spray perfume on ourselves.


i took this from the El going back to sandy’s apartment.  it was fun to take public transportation, and hassle-free.  plus there were many interesting-looking people riding with us because there was the gay pride parade that day.


as we left town the next day i saw these palm trees along lake shore drive.  somebody told me recently that they bring in the palm trees every year.


crazy.  we also saw a show in Chicago, called “poseidon: an upside-down musical.”  the guy who wrote the show was also in it, and it was really funny and clever.  a musical parody of the film, and last night we watched the movie and were even more amazed at the guy’s cleverness in writing the play.  he used some of the dialogue from the movie and wrote some very very funny songs for the show.  my favorite character was a guy in drag who played the part of Nonny, the daffy girl singer who was played by Carol Lynley in the movie.  the guy was so so funny.  after her musician brother died at the beginning, she sang a song called “did you,” consisting mostly of her singing “did you did you did you did you did you…like his music?” sung in a whiny, off-pitch voice.  the “did you did you” part went on and on, more on and on as the song progressed.  she picked up her dead brother and he was part of the number.  so funny.

my friend doug vickers is in the show, playing the purser.  he was in my movie “hope’s happy birthday” many many years ago, and i hadn’t seen him in a very long time.  it was nice to see him after all these years.

i wish i could go see the play again, but it closes on july 26th and i don’t think it will be possible.

if you’re in chicago, go see it!  you’ll laugh a lot.

i have to make two peach pies now.

ok then,

patriotic grace.