yeah, it was a blur. too much waiting til the last minute, too much “this won’t take long” and so Christmas eve day and Christmas were nonstop cleaning/cooking/wrapping/other crazy xmas stuff.

Yesterday I barely, just barely even got off the couch at all.

I just looked through my photos and have some from november that i’d like to share with you, but right now here are a few rather recent ones.

Ok, it’s all photos of the cats. mostly cats watching TV.

First, Lovey and Les Paul intently watched the bird show. It’s one of the youtube videos featuring hours of wildlife entertainment for cats. And they’re mightily entertained.

A couple of days later in December, Lovey gazed at the first Christmas tree she’d ever seen. She didn’t have any interest in climbing the tree, thank goodness. This might have been the only time she was interested, actually. This is opposed to Lester, who keeps sneaking to the back of the tree and gnaws on the fake needles.

Riley is the kitty who is most interested in the bird show, and I love it that the squirrel here is so enormous. plus christmassy.

And a giant bird! Although interested, Riley had to lie down on the TV stand.

And finally it was too exhausting and Riley had to take a nap on the comfy stand.

It’s not really warm today but warmer than it has been and is going to be. There’s all kinds of snow predicted for later in the week plus tomorrow it’s going to be much colder so I’m about to finally peel myself off the couch and go for a jog, at the crack of 11:40 in the morning.

ok then,

nearing the end of 2020 grace.