bob dylan and i have the same birthday, which i’m sure i’ve posted here before but i bet you don’t remember.

kevin shares barack obama’s birthday.

i am celebrating today with…a new case of poison ivy.  last year when i got it so bad and then we went camping in the hot hot hot heat and i didn’t sleep at all cause of the itching (plus the loud drunk camping girl next door), i went to the doctor and got GOOD PILLS.

luckily i remember the pills, or at least luckily kevin remembered them, and i took one yesterday morning.  i only get to take one a day; i took one at nine and by about seven at night it was itching a lot again.  randy keeps saying KEEP SLATHERING IT WITH CALAMINE!  so i’m doing that, too.

it’s always something, but it’s not the worst thing ever, except where did i get the poison ivy, you might be wondering?  on my inner thighs.  yeah.  HOW, is what i want to know.  shayla told me that i could have gotten it one one thigh and then the oil touched the other thigh and so, ta da, both thighs.

the worst thing is that there must be plenty of poison ivy lurking amongst all the tall weeds we have in our yard, and the WEEDS NEED TO BE PULLED.

perhaps long pants are in order.  i mean, i know what the poison ivy looks like, but it’s kind of hard to see what with the mounds of other weeds all mixed in.

here are a few photos of kevin’s trip back from virginia.  this first one was taken at a rest stop in maryland.  it’s mighty scenic there, isn’t it?

here’s the medal he won; i know it’s very blurry, and since kevin is home now i could take a good picture of the medal, but right now i’m enjoying just sitting here.  he got 6th place in the carbine aggregate, which is the cumulative total of all the different carbine shooting distances.  i’m pretty sure that’s what it is, anyway.  sometime kevin will read this and then he can tll you.  right now he is very busy doing things.

at least when he took and sent this picture to me, there wasn’t lots of traffic.

right now it’s just so perfectly beautiful outside and the one thing that i really want to do is…PULL WEEDS!

i acknowledge i’m a crazy person.

ok then, happy happy day.

mrs. one year older hughes but at least i finally washed all that gray from the show right out of my hair!