Well, happy belated birthday – it was Aug. 4th and we did quite a bit of celebrating. We went to dinner at the Yacht Club and Kevin enjoyed a delicious piece of carrot cake for dessert. It was a lovely night.

Before we went to dinner we gave him two new pairs of Sperry topsiders, and one pair exactly matched his outfit. After we got home Amy and Mom came over for yet more presents and Amy took this funny photo.

He proceeded to open his many other gifts, as Lester was pleased to explore a bag of his own.

Les thoroughly enjoyed hiding in this giant bag which had been full of shirts. We all gave them to him but Amy went to a whole lot of trouble picking them out. Kevin was almost as excited by them as Lester was about the bags.

We continued the festivities on Saturday night and here Kevin is wearing one of the nice new shirts. Blue, to match his eyes.

A good time was had by all! And finally, I took a picture of this groundhog on Mom’s back patio area. Right now there are many weeds and the groundhog was delighted to nibble at them. It’s funny because he’s holding onto a weed but it looks like he’s shaking his little fist at somebody.

Ok then,

Mrs. August Hughes.