happy birthday to you!

this is kevin, after he shaved off his goatee.  i got the feeling he wasn’t so crazy about doing that.

but it was for a good cause – he, randy, david, and our friend rick got to do a photo shoot for some political campaign.  david and randy were doing a perp walk – that’ where they’re hauling somebody (the perp) off to jail.  kevin and rick were US MARSHALLS, as you can see here by their shirts.

despite everybody here looking mean or sad, they all had a fun time and got paid right there on the spot.  david is ready to be a model full-time (not a perp!), and so if you have any connections, anybody he could call about doing that, please let us know.

kevin’s birthday started out really, really early…for mollie.  amy and jim have been walking with their dogs really really early the past couple days because it’s been so incredibly hot.  we’re talking FIVE A.M.   because i don’t get up at five a.m., and because i did something to my knee last week when overdoing it with the exercising, i haven’t taken mollie at all for the past couple days and that makes her sad.  i asked amy if they’d take mollie, so this morning amy appeared.  i heard her come in and brought mollie out and said good-bye…but then mollie followed me right back into the bedroom.

she’s a little bit reluctant, sometimes, about walking with anybody but us.  but i finally sent her on her way and went back to bed.  at this point winnie DESPERATELY NEEDED SOME FOOD so i got up and gave him some.  i didn’t want kevin to wake up because today is his special day.

back to bed again, and it seemed like just a few minutes and mollie BURST into the bedroom, very excited about getting out and exercising, or maybe just happy to be back home.  she jumped up on the bed and i thought she was going to lie down quietly, but she soon jumped down and clearly NEEDED SOME FOOD AFTER ALL THAT WORK.

i got up and gave her the orange ball filled with dog food and back to bed again.  now it was six.  i heard her quietly rolling the ball all around, and thought that we’d all sleep some more…but then she finally came back in and kevin got up and so much for him sleeping in.

last night i said that maybe he’d sleep in today for a birthday treat, and he said, “yeah, maybe till six.”  so at least he did that.

at eight, amy burst into the bedroom again.  a guy was out mowing the circle and she saw him yell frantically and jump off the mower and go running away, and the mower wasn’t in park so it was slowly rolling along.  amy figured he’d run over some animal, so she was worried about her cats and our cat.  but she saw winnie lying there next to my head, so she left again.

at this point i figured i’d better get up before more excitement started.  everything is quiet here now.  kevin is downstairs fixing one of david’s cowboy guns, mollie is snoozing on the floor next to her bed, and winnie is somewhere being very quiet.  i walked over to amy’s to tell her she didn’t need to burst in anymore this morning because i was out of bed now, and asked her what had happened with the guy and the mower, but she said she didn’t know and she didn’t want to know; maybe he’d hit a baby deer, and she didn’t want to hear about it.  i’d like to know if he ever got back on the mower, though, or if it’s just careening slowly around the lane.

so much excitement, and it’s not even nine in the morning.

we’ve started going on bike rides, and we’ve been riding past the zoo and looking in on the bears, so kevin said he’d like to go to the zoo for his birthday.  it’s probably going to be too hot for that, though – it already feels like 93 out there and it’s supposed to feel like 108 by early this afternoon.  maybe we’ll just go get him one of his two free ice cream cones that he’s entitled to on his birthday week.   i signed everybody up for both baskin robbins and cold stone creamery’s birthday clubs, which means both places give you free ice cream on your birthday.


ok then,

kevin’s special day grace.