as the summer FLIES BY…

no time, no time, no time…

here is the entire month of july, in not really that many pictures, considering it was a whole month!

a lovely goldfinch on one of our walks.

what a darling photo!  sweet pea, numie, noodle, all lined up, waiting for treats in amy’s kitchen!  this is after sweet pea’s surgery; they put that padded doughnut thing around his neck for a while, but i don’t think it went over so well.  he’s SUCH A SWEET DOG!  unfortunately, the dangling thing on this neck that was removed is going to grow back, but the great news is that i don’t think it’s cancerous at all.

not only did the deer eat many of my flowers this year, i think they jumped amy’s fence to eat her lilies, too.

i got out this suitcase and chester decided it was definitely his most favorite spot of all to lie on.  i mean, he LOVES this thing – he would always scratch around on it a lot and then nestle all down and sleep for hours.

les, streeeeetching even more than usual…

sweet pea, what a perfect name for him!  amy says he always manages to burrow down into the covers no matter what.

the big purple suitcase was taking up lots of room, so i swapped it for this smaller black one.  chester seems almost as happy on it.  i then moved it into the living room, out of the direct path where everybody walks.  now it’s right next to his box, his 2nd favorite place.  except today he seems to just want to sprawl around ON THE KITCHEN COUNTER.  i keep scooping him up and putting him down, but it doesn’t really deter him.

i found this tombstone so intriguing when we walked through the cemetery that i had to take a picture.  who has such crazy names?  i mean, musn’t they surely be vampires???

this week we went out to lunch at the Gateway to India with Tound and her mom!  her mom came all the way from Nigeria to visit Toun, for two whole months.  lunch was divine as usual, but i’m not sure that Toun’s mom liked it so much.

yesterday kevin took the Hi Lu out for a sail!  he had fun.

randy took this photo of les, who always loves to be photographed.

kevin tried on his tuxedo today…doesn’t he look dashing?  just like the day we got married, almost NINE YEARS AGO!!!  good lord, how is it possible that time is whooshing by so fast?

here are a couple beautiful photos kevin took of the lake at sunrise.  maybe i’ll see it rise when the days get shorter…

and there you go, JULY!!! yaaaay that this is all!

and now, who knows when i’ll get to august, but lucky for me it just started this morning!

ok then,

mrs. g. hughes.