Final posting of Christmas Stuff

by grace on January 3, 2021

The ground is covered in snow on this Sunday morning. The sun keeps peeking out, making everything gleam frostily.

I’m happy to stay inside. Even though I do not like cold, I do not like winter, I can appreciate the snow once in a while as long as I don’t have to go out in it and especially don’t have to drive on it and know that it’s not going to linger.

and here’s my last Christmas posting, all about the kitties…here’s a short video of Lester exuberantly tearing up the wrapping paper.

Darling Sweetie who thoroughly enjoyed her new little pink sock.

Such a happy kitty!

Lovey relished her first-ever little pink sock while Sweetie looked on dubiously.

Here’s a very short video of Lovey in action.

Christmas evening, I picked up Sweetie from the bedroom and carried her all the way into the living room and settled onto the couch with her happily snuggling and purring on my lap. All other times I’ve picked her up she turns into a snapping writhing very angry spitfire, but because she was so warm and sleepy she didn’t mind being picked up and even let Amy take this nice photo.

And that was our Christmas miracle…

ok then,

mrs. Hughes 2021.

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