We drove east from Seagrove Beach, and our first stop was Alys Beach. driving into town, it looked different, with palm trees lining the road.

in this video i call it “alys” beach, but it’s actually pronounced “alice.”

this little food truck was so uniqute and quite, it’s too bad it wasn’t open for business.

kevin, alongside a scottish dragon at the start of the tiny nature trail.

the first time i’ve tried a selfie video – this “nature trail” was so short that it’s kind of stretch of the imagination to call it a trail. “nature short walk” would be a better name.

we walked more around the town, and it was all construction and workers and empty streets.

a swanky restaurant. closed, of course.

we left Alys Beach and headed east, our goal being Rosemary Beach which was right down the road.

i’ll get to that soon.

ok then,

mrs. will it really ever be spring-like around here? hughes.