right now i’ve had a little bit of free time to sit in the air-c0nditioning and look at my computer, and i was dismayed to see that my site continues to fall apart.  i haven’t had an RSS feed forever, and now it doesn’t seem that my videos are here, either.  the place where they were stored, on this site called vodpod, was bought by another site called lockerz, and i HATE this site because when i go there it’s all about “earning points” and a bunch of crap like that, plus shopping for crap which i don’t care about.  i just want my videos over there on the side.  it should be simple.

argh, that’s all i have to say about that.


mom, amy and dad going to see “men in black 3” on father’s day.  amy was the good daughter, taking dad to the movies.

numie, always so very cute…

i love the way his little paw is crossed.

noodle with one of his little babies.

and this is the lone photo i have of lester today, even though it’s so ridiculously dark.

i’m always looking for some kind of class in website building, but i can’t ever find one.  maybe i need to seek a person who knows all about websites who can just help me fix mine.  it doesn’t seem that it should be so complicated, but i can’t ever find the stuff i need online to fix it.  well, sometimes i find something that might be helpful but then it seems very random and impossible to me.

that is all for now.

ok then,