at the beginning of june, in between throwing barge-fulls of giant rocks up onto the shore, kevin resurfaced the driveway, coating it with a new coat of black sealant. it was pretty hot then, but not as hot as when he was putting shingles on the roof later in the month.

I love this picture because it captures him mid-step, looking very graceful like a ballerina as he spreads the stuff.

And yay he finished it!

and on a non-kevin-working-so-hard note, a few more images of june.

Lester, always trying to relax.

and in case you’re getting the idea that i’ve just been lolling around while kevin does all the hard work…well, baking this loaf of bread wasn’t hard work, but i was pleased to find the recipe for Pan Oregano, a delicious, herby pull-apart bread. I’d wanted to make it at Christmas and went crazy trying to find the recipe card, finally deciding I must have put it in the recycle. Amy researched the recipe and found a loaf that was good, but it just wasn’t the same.

So on June 6th as i was looking in a cookbook for another recipe, the book fell open to the inside cover, and there was my little recipe card. yay! Nowadays, in the midst of the neverending horrible coronavirus news, it’s nice to find anything that feels good.

it tasted good, too. Many, many years ago, when i regularly went to the library i found a wonderful little bread cookbook that was called something like “breads of the world.” i copied quite a few of the recipes onto recipe cards and made this recipe quite a bit, to the point where i got tired of it. I started making it again maybe a year ago, until i misplaced it.

A few years ago i tried to find the book online but it probably went out of print a long time ago. I did buy one that looked similar but I have yet to make any of the recipes from it. I bought that book at least 10 years ago…i think it’s time to get rid of a few of the many cookbooks I posssess.

Probably not today, though.

I also managed to get a pretty good picture of the moon over the lake.

When Kevin tied up the barge after a day of throwing rocks I noticed that he’d neatly coiled the big rope. ever a boy scout!

More photos of June to come, before the end of July sneaks up on me…

ok then,

mrs. in the very hot heat of summer hughes.