For one thing, I was looking at my site and it suddenly dawned on me that the banner currently reads “Spring 2023.” Oh boy. Slightly falling behind in literally all things…

So I fixed that. Yay, fixing one tiny thing today.

The other thing is, well, my site, which is really not another thing at all, it’s part of the one thing, but this is another part of the one thing. It’s that I keep getting stuff that says my PHP needs to be updated, but then when I click on the place to make it happen I get a message that says “no problem, we took care of it” because of blah blah blah and some other stuff. And then there were some updates I was supposed to do but I couldn’t do because the dang PHP (Personal Halberd Precinct? Premiere Horse Phone??? Perfect Holiday Personality??? ) couldn’t be updated, and just a whole bunch of website stuff that I know nothing about.

So finally, finally, after many months of this (maybe a year or two???), I e-mailed Gary, the fabulous website guy fin England who knows everything. He promptly wrote me back, addressing the very many things and I’m hopeful that it’ll all be fixed but I kind of got the idea that maybe there are some things that aren’t fixable, but if anybody can do it, Gary can.


Meanwhile…way back on August 3rd, I can’t remember where I was, out running somewhere I imagine, and I stopped to take some pictures of these wonderful Surprise, or Pop Up Lilies. I love them and we should plant some. There aren’t many left anywhere now, but I’m always so happy to see them. But I know that means that the end of summer is in sight.

On August 12th we drove the boat over to a fundraiser at the Yacht Club and I love driving the boat places, instead of the car. Kevin is looking dapper in one of the many fabulous shirts he got for his birthday.

He has so many pairs of reading glasses and we suddenly noticed that the case for one of the pairs completely matches his shirt. I’m pretty sure Kevin has never achieved this level of matchingness before.

And now it’s late in the afternoon, actually early in the evening, and I’ve been sitting here for longer than I thought I would, but at least I accomplished something, writing-wise, as opposed to organizing/cleaning-wise which will have to wait til tomorrow.

Ok then,

Mrs. H.