sometime during my much too busy day, i realized that i didn’t tell you the critical WHY you shouldn’t panic about me getting an UPDATED SITE.

it’s cause changes are going to be made, so maybe you’ll be reading something here and then THINGS WILL CHANGE RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES.  or at least i’m pretty sure that could happen.  so if it does, EVERYTHING IS GOOD, DON’T PANIC.

meanwhile…it’s friday evening, i’m blissfully not doing anything at all.  well, i’ve been sitting here on my couch reading many interesting things written by the guy who is updating my site.  i was supposed to be looking at his site and a couple others to decide how i want mine to look, but then i got completely sidetracked and there you are.  but why should anybody have to do anything like deciding something on a lovely friday evening?

i think the only decision for tonight is whether i want a nice glass of white wine, or maybe i’ll have red, because it’s a little bit chilly tonight.

red it is.

workweek over.

ok then,