i haven’t felt like posting, or doing anything at all for about a week now.  i’m recovering from the flu, which is hitting everybody hard this year, it seems.  i got sick last saturday then kevin got sick then he got better then i thought i was better, but i finally broke down and went to the doctor on friday and got drugs but they didn’t make me immediately better, but hopefully very, very soon.  kevin suddenly got sick yet again today, so the whole thing is just ridiculous.

meanwhile…i’ve been looking through photos of chester again, and he was so very very cute…

stretching soooo long, in  jan. 2012.

lester and chester really loved each other. February 2012.

chester also loved to drink water out of the sink.  it’s funny, i’d forgotten he did that…


haha, he loved boxes, and when he was little he’d stuff himself right inside them.  march 2012.






this was april 2012, but it could have been any time because he continue to drape himself over the counter all of his short life.

chester and sweet mollie…

they had a good time.

it’s weird because we have a photo of out kitty Honey in the bathroom and i look at it and think about how young she was when she died – but she was eight, and chester was only about six or so.  whew.

on a happy note, it was up to 58 today and i sat down at the dock for a little bit and watched the geese.  and then a boat roared by, even though there’s still some ice on the lake. i didn’t let lester come out for a walk because the ice is crazy-thin and he didn’t need to go walking out there putting his life at risk.

ok then,

mrs. sunday evening hughes.