we saw the sun rise, we watched manatees, we sat on the beach, went to the bubble room fabulous fun restaurant…and then we went back to the bubble room to get a giant delicious piece of orange crunch cake.

we walked all the way up to the north side of the island, and then walked back on the beach.

here’s a bird of paradise along the main street.

there were almost nothing but rental houses up and down all the streets, and most had so many beautiful flowers everywhere.  really, let’s go back!  soon.

we loved it that this person planted all these poinsettias in front of their house.  i wish i could do that with our poinsettias – people give them to me, and i don’t really want or have room for them to begin with, and then i can’t bear to just let them die after xmas, so i keep them all year and now i have these giant poinsettias hanging around all the time.

we stopped at the old little cemetery and church.  the cemetery was really something, with so many old gravestones in the sand.  we’re so glad we stopped there, because it was such a quiet and peaceful place.  not that there was anything raucous about the island anywhere else…

this really old gravestone belonged to a confederate soldier.  we couldn’t make out the name.

here’s the darling little church, with the trees festooned with so many holiday lights.

i wonder why kevin had to carry the bag of orange crunch cake the whole way home?  probably cause i’d had started eating it as we walked!

inside, the church was rustic and charming and made me want to go to a service there, which is pretty extraordinary for me since i don’t have any of the religion.  we’ve been to different huge and ornate churches in many locales, but none of them ever made me feel that sense of peace.

of course, none of them was on this darling little island, either….

soon,  i will conclude the many photos from this fun-filled day.

right now, i have to go out into the neverending gray day right here.

ok then,

mrs. grace hughes.