i shot some video of the PONTOON BOAT LAUNCH on friday afternoon, but i don’t know if i’ll post it here or not.  right now it doesn’t seem like it’s worth the trouble.

here’s a photo of the VERY FIRST BOAT RIDE, though.  mollie was quite please to be on board even though kevin was in the van driving back to the house.

here’s the new house nearby that might be about done by now.  it has a copper roof, very very fancy.  you can’t see just how this house looks unless you’re on the lake, or you’re standing in their back yard, which i haven’t felt would be right to do.

friday night we celebrated dad’s birthday, but i only took this one picture, but i think it’s a good one.  he’d requested carrot cake, so that’s what i made.

saturday was much busier than i’d imagined it would be, although the activity didn’t involve too much exertion, which was good.  first, we went to THE FARM! outside of salisbury.  since i’d only seen it in the winter when everything outside was dormant, i was excited to see it in the spring.

the woman who owns the farm, gail, is SO CREATIVE!  this is a garden made up of differnt pieces of pipe and a delightful hodge podge of aluminum things.  i’m sure it’ll look really spectacular once all the flowers she’s planted in the stuff gets really big.  i’ll have to document that.  plus in back there is a lovely row of ferns.

i LOVE THIS WINDMILL!  i want a windmill.  hmm, maybe that’s what i should ask for for my birthday.

tea kettles on poles.  clever clever clever.

the “powder room.”

garrick and janice under the fabulous arbor.  it would be awesome to go to a party there at night, and sit under that arbor cause it has lots of twinkly lights around the edges.  how can i get us invited to a party there?


EVEN MORE SO!  i want to have a row of plates for a little fence!

it was really nice to just sit there.

a HUGE bleeding heart!  i hope some of ours get that big.

just lovely.

ta da!   i think kevin liked the farm a lot – not sure if he loved it as much as i do, but i know he enjoyed himself.  he bought a few books about illinois trees, plus we bought a bunch of little plants.

i really liked this little garden gnome.

i need to think of some clever things to do in our yard – surely i could.  the problem is that there’s so much REGULAR gardening to do that the whimsical and creative stuff will have to wait.  actually, the regular stuff isn’t happening so fast anyway now.

as i’ve been working here on the computer tonight, kevin has been downstairs practicing his piano, and it’s been lovely having that beautiful piano accompaniment to my typing.

i think i have to go to bed now.

big week ahead…i hope you GOT YOUR TICKETS TO THE PLAY!  because i’m sure soon there will be NO SEATS LEFT!  And it’s kind of a long play to have to stand up during!

ok then,

mrs. not so particularly grammatical on that last sentence there on a very very tired sunday night hughes.