we hurried over to the lake christian camp place to buy the boat.  i told mom that she MUST NOT USE THE F WORD around the nice christian fella selling us the boat, and if she did, we’d make her pay the extra cost he’d inevitably charge us!

here’s one funny thing – as we were driving to go get it, kevin said he looked in the rearview mirror to see if the boat was there, and was alarmed that it wasn’t, but then he realized WE HADN’T BOUGHT IT YET!

yeah he’s excited.

when we got there, the guy climbed up on the boat to do something and the whole thing tipped way backwards which looked dangerous to me.

and then some chatting happened, then kevin hooked it up and away we drove.  i noticed most guys in cars we passed were all looking at the boat, probably super-duper jealous!

here’s the photos kevin sent me before we got the boat.  it looks much cleaner here than it actually is.  well, til tomorrow probably, when kevin cleans it all up.

it’s 22 feet and has a cabin, which kevin is very excited about.

here he is, hard at work bracing it with jacks so it won’t tip over.

such a happy boy!  we had to climb that ladder to get up inside her and i wasn’t crazy about that, but luckily i didn’t fall.

in back of kevin is the cabin, where maybe we’ll live if we decide to take an around-the-world cruise around lake springfield. you’re not supposed to sleep on the lake, but because of the budget cuts there aren’t actually many cops out on the lake, and especially not in the middle of the night.

so, the beginning of an all-new adventure…

ok then,

mrs. hoist the mizzen mast and cut the jib hughes.