mom and her friend sharon got to go the 2nd game of the world series in st. louis last week.  they look like they had fun, don’t they?

here’s sharon with her white towel they gave out.

and sharon wanted to go talk to one of the few rangers fans who were there.  mom said this guy was really nice; i think he drove all the way from dallas.

the game is rained out tonight.

as you may have noticed, if you’ve been reading this website for the past…oh, seven years or so…you’d know that i’m not exactly a fan of sports so much.  but i’ve always liked the cardinals, and my grandmother was a huge, huge cardinals fan – she’d watch one baseball game on TV while listening to another on the radio.  mom has been to a few games this year, and you might remember that i was lucky enough to go to OPENING DAY way back in april…or was it march?

i don’t know why, but kevin and i have gotten excited about watching the world series.  we watched pujols get his astounding THREE HOME RUNS the other night, even though kevin was so sleepy that he kept dozing off during commercials and i had to poke him and say WAKE UP, MAYBE PUJOLS WILL GET ANOTHER HOME RUN!  and sure enough, he did.

i was looking forward to watching tonight, but since they’re rained out i guess i’ll have to do something else.

i kept asking people how much the players made and nobody knew exactly, except that pujols gets buckets and buckets of money.  so i took the two minutes to look it up – according to the USA TODAY WEBSITE, outfielder Matt Holliday makes 16 MILLION DOLLARS.  Albert Pujols and Chris Carpenter, 14 MILLION.

Allen Craig, who appears to be really good, makes a measly $414,000.  maybe because he’s relatively new.  soon he should be backstroking in sea of money that some of his teammates are floating around in.

there appears to be 27 guys on the roster.  that’s a lot.  13 of them are pitchers, and of those 13 guys, seven of them make more than a million dollars a year.  also, and you probably already know this if you’re a fan, there’s ANOTHER catcher besides yadier molina…i wonder if that guy ever gets to play at all.  molina seems to be so very good…

hmm, maybe i’ll get more enthusiastic about the baseball next year.  the thing is, in game three when pujols hit all those home runs, the score was HUGE, the game was exciting…and then there are all those many times when the final score is 1-0 or something like that.

here’s one photo of darling lester, who likes to sleep under a blanket!  i’ve never met a cat who enjoys that…

ok then,

mrs. wednesday yet again hughes.