in celebration of the fact that it’s going to be in the SIXTIES today, here are some more photos of key largo.

here’s yet another view of the water, taken from the edge of the property.  it reminds me of gilligan’s island for some reason.


have i mentioned that i love the pelicans?


around the bay were a bunch of boats – quite a few of them were ones you could rent from the hotel, but at least one was the hotel’s used for catching the fish for dinner.  the pelicans thoroughly enjoyed the boats.


i took this picture from up on the balcony outside our bedroom.  down there by the pool is this woman from australia.  dad informed us that the couple is australian because they were in the suite next door and the man was having a very long phone conversation and dad says he was almost completely unintelligible.

it’s amazing to me that it was just the two of them staying in the ENORMOUS suite.



here’s a closer view across the bay…


…and closer still.  we thought you might be able to walk out to that stand of trees, but it wasn’t actually land, it was just mangrove trees growing out of the water.


here’s the guy on the pontoon boat playing in front of the outdoor bar, and behind him is our suite.


and mr. pelican, enjoying the music.




this is one of my favorite pictures.  i want to print some of these out and hang them up, but if you’ve been to our house you know that we’re kind of running out of wall space.  i might have to resort to taking a few things down to make room for the new stuff.




ok, you might be thinking that we never left the place, but we did…at least a little.  here’s a giant propeller was saw when we walked down the street in front of the b&b.  it doesn’t really look like they’re going to be using the giant propeller anytime soon, and i wonder what it’s for.  maybe once they got it into the yard they couldn’t figure out how to move it.


kevin and dad on the huge screened porch.  the trees in back hampered the spectacular view of the ocean, but on the second day they came around and cut the trees, make the view sensational.  somebody said that they had been waiting three years to cut them, but it had taken that long to get a permit to do it.


march is going pretty well thus far.  too bad that next week i have to get my tooth pulled, thereby entering the hillbilly phase of my life.  lord knows how long i’ll have to have the gaping hole before they can put in the implant, which is just some big metal post of some sort that they’ll embed in my gum, then i’ll have to wait even longer for the actual fake tooth.  the time of the hillbilly.  too bad they’re not doing “l’il abner” somewhere, because i could be mammy yokum.

and i’m going to end the month going to traffic court to get supervision for my speeding ticket.  i’m having a horrible time trying to remember to SLOW DOWN when i drive.  i realize that i almost always speed.  no, not almost, I ALWAYS speed, except if there’s snow on the ground, when i drive only one mile an hour.  but i’m so used to roaring around way way faster than you’re supposed to go that it’s going to be difficult to change this habit.

i find it ironic that i was so happy that i didn’t have jury duty and somebody wrote to me, saying they’d love to go see a courtroom without being a defendant – and now i’m a defendant!  but of course it won’t be like a trial; i just read an article in the paper about “a day in the life of traffic court” and it said that there were 400 people there in the afternoon!  i’m scheduled for the afternoon.  it sounds like quite a scene.  too bad i can’t take pictures, but that’s probably not allowed.

i have to go outside now.  if it was working, we could put the boat in the water today.  there were some boats out there the past couple of days, and i bet there are lots today because of the crazy warm weather.

ok then,

springtime at last grace.