i don’t know how it happened.

i continue to sit around waiting for it to warm up.  it’s gonna today, but then fuggedaboudit for the next who knows how long.

grrrr is all i have to say to march.

here’s the dining room, before we put all the furniture back.

because they had to take down the pantry doors, mollie really thought that she should get all the treats up there in plain view.  she waited patiently for them to rain down on her.

chester, always inteested in new stuff, like the appliances in the living room.

here’s the living room at the apex of crowdedness, with the pantry doors there on the floor.  at this point it was actually impossible to move around at all in the room.

chester didn’t care. he kind of looks like a quadriplegic here.

immediately after they moved the china cabinet back into the dining room, and i started filling it again, chester jumped in.

ta da!

you can just see les back there on the couch…

…so of course i couldn’t resist taking a close up.

the kitchen, appliances back and working, plus everything was suddenly cleaner that it ever was or will be.

bathroom, ditto.

front hall – it became more and more crowded with boxes and all kinds of stuff that we were going to GET RID OF, which we finally did this week.  very exciting, and getting rid of stuff made me want to get rid of more and more.

luckily, bev came over last weekend and took lots of it.  because her house is almost bare.

chester, who really wanted to call somebody.

here he is in the new music room, as we sorted through the millions of CDs.

and here he is in one of the flooring boxes.  he didn’t like it so much because it didn’t give him enough cover, but he sat in it anyway.

and here he is again, admiring the dining room.  i realize now that this post mostly features chester, who doesn’t get nearly as much coverage as the ever-photogenic les.  and of course i don’t have so many photos of poor winnie because he’s usually hiding from the other cats.

yesterday he was under the bed in the guest bedroom and i tried to drag him out so he’d go sit on kevin’s lap (i had no free time for any lap-sitting all day), but that just resulted in him being EXTREMELY mad at me.  if a big fat kitty wants to stay under the bed, it’s impossible to get him out.

i am ready to start gardening now, but i guess that’s going to have to wait a little.  i’d like to plant a lot of flowers in the fenced-in yard.  maybe the beauty would entice les to stay put, instead of continuing to escape.  he hasn’t done that in a couple weeks now, i think because he doesn’t like to be out in the cold.

i don’t have to plant any flowers in my window boxes, because they all flourished inside.  so the instant it stays warm, BOOM, we’ll have a beautiful deck.  i intend to spend every warm day outside as much as possible, after being cooped up here all winter.

that is all for friday.  maybe i’ll see you at the very exciting st. patrick’s day parade tomorrow.

ok then,

mrs. grace hughes.